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SFS is a reputable, dependable, solutions based firm, offering a wide array of facility management services tailored to commercial, industrial, multifamily, and residential buildings.

We boast a profound proficiency in various domains such as janitorial upkeep, maintenance services, landscape operations, inventory management, procurement and beyond. We aim to assist you in establishing highly efficient, secure, and sustainable environments. An investment in our services empowers your workforce to channel their energies towards your core business activities. You can be confident in knowing that the operational framework is meticulously managed by our industry experts.


Our Services

Our services are designed to manage core functions with efficiency and sustainability, ensuring healthy operations for your organization.

Inventory Management & Procurement


General Maintenance
and Repair

Landscape &
Turf Management


Parking Lot & Lighting Maintenance


The Swift Difference

Our leadership team comprises seasoned professionals with a substantial track record in executive leadership, real estate, and facilities management.

This composition uniquely positions us to thoroughly comprehend and effectively address the diverse spectrum of your company’s needs.

We recognize the intricate challenges that often accompany alignments with undependable, unprofessional, and subpar service providers. These challenges result in the squandering of valuable time and financial resources, while also jeopardizing employee well-being, morale, and safety.

At Swift Facility Solutions, we place profound importance on the cultivation of trustworthy partnerships. Our steadfast commitment is to provide unwavering excellence without excuse. This entails an unrelenting dedication to prioritizing activities centered on the implementation of innovative ideas, unfaltering dependability, and unwavering professionalism. Our extensive data validates that this approach consistently leads to heightened operational efficiency, substantial cost savings, and a marked reduction in stress for you, our partners.

Questions & Answers

We provide facility solutions to all 50 states of the USA. 
No. Swift Facility Solutions only provides commercial and industrial services.

Yes! Swift Facility Solutions is HUB certified and has experience working with government agencies.